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Fishermans Friend

“A man who is not prepared to die for his country is nowt but a beast and a man who won’t scrap for his country is nowt but a Frenchmen” Nelson War has once again been brought to our peaceful shores by the bloodthirsty French and we must stand tall once more. The capture ofContinue reading “Fishermans Friend”


Nation Ration

Normally I’d fight tooth and nail against any celebrity sticking thier noses into British interests… but brave Joanna Lumley saying we should go back to war time style rationing has brought a tear to my eye. As a country we were happier with rationing than we are having all these tiny Romanian shops dotted allContinue reading “Nation Ration”

No Shortage Of Nonsense

So because we can’t get the feckless, jobless, shirtless Lefties out of thier libraries and onto the farms we’ve got a “waste” problem. Potatoes sit in thier fields and lambs skip round the pasture instead of simmering in the pot. It’s a Brexiteers worst nightmare. So as Christmas looms towards us like a thousand bomberContinue reading “No Shortage Of Nonsense”