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Night Watchmen

Like most people I spent my Christmas Day sat at my local coastline watching for migrant boats. You know to give Nigel a day off. Forgoing my Xmas dinner to maintain a lonely vigil atop my countries parapet. Watching over our boarders with a vigilance so potent you’d think it was cheese. The rain pouredContinue reading “Night Watchmen”


No Shortage Of Nonsense

So because we can’t get the feckless, jobless, shirtless Lefties out of thier libraries and onto the farms we’ve got a “waste” problem. Potatoes sit in thier fields and lambs skip round the pasture instead of simmering in the pot. It’s a Brexiteers worst nightmare. So as Christmas looms towards us like a thousand bomberContinue reading “No Shortage Of Nonsense”