Brave “COMMON SENSE” fan Maureen from Barnsley is the stoic face of proud Britain! She laughed at the Luftwaffer, bodied away the Battle of the Atlantic, stared out Stalin and is now giving Coronavirus a good dose of British what for!

As Maureen says herself “we were bombed in the Blitz we went in the shelters then we went back to work”. Truly a better time when shirking lefties were forced out of their holes and back to the coal face!

Our Maureen (the Nations Grandma) proudly remembers sticking her chin out at the Junckers flying above and getting straight back into hard graft.

Like me I’m sure Mo (what her friends call her and after she’s opened all of our eyes isn’t she the friend of us all?) thought those people who cowered in the shelters were spineless Commie weaklings hoping someone would appease Hitler. Like me, Maureen would have wanted to be outside yelling “ya boo Jerry!” while throwing stones.

Maureen and her man are the real experts in all this. Not these “scientists” or “lefty do gooders” who wouldn’t know what to do if a blood crazed Kraut came charging, bayonet first over the trench lip.

People like Maureen have what you can’t buy in your sleezy universities or “labs”. They have experience. Experience in giving the short shift to those scum who work in ways to undermine the British Empire

If we’re able to give bleating footballers a MBE I expect a dame hood for this powerful woman.

Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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