Kneel For The Crown Only

Another blow struck against the tyranny of the Left was landed today in explosive fashion!

I had been on my early morning immigrant patrol in which I wander the banks of a local river in preparation of stopping the migrant tide when I heard the England football team might take the knee again!

I was so furious that I forgot to salute a line Union Jack as I stormed home. I immediately picked up the phone and began calling EVERYBODY!

I implored every person who answered, I left rousing calls to arms on answer phones and I got annoyed when my ex wife told me to fuck off. But I did what had to be done and I gathered a hardcore group of British patriots who were ready to lay down thier lives to stop this inevitable march of Marxism.

And we marched towards City Hall. At first there was only 5000 of us but by the end as more and more Brits felt liberated our numbers swelled to Crusade levels. Our banners held high and our chants loud we made our way to the hotbed of political socialism that is City Hall.

We banged on the door, our voices 10 million strong, and we demanded change. We the silent majority were not going to be silent anymore and we would have our resolution!

For hours we besieged that bastion of corruption but still the cowards refused to engage with us. A resolution was agreed and we would storm the building. Just as I picked up the first stone I was informed that no one is actually in the building on a Sunday.

As the crowd dispersed we were still in high spirits with many vowing to boo the players who knelt tonight for the entire game. You see this has got nothing to do with “racism” it’s a woke plot to stifle dissent towards the government.

Also I’m kinda glad my insurrection finished early because the police have said if I break curfew one more time I’m looking at 10 months

Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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