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No Shortage Of Nonsense

So because we can’t get the feckless, jobless, shirtless Lefties out of thier libraries and onto the farms we’ve got a “waste” problem. Potatoes sit in thier fields and lambs skip round the pasture instead of simmering in the pot.

It’s a Brexiteers worst nightmare.

So as Christmas looms towards us like a thousand bomber raid over Berlin and millions of turkeys still live, what are we to do?

Luckily for Britain this patriot has thier brain set in forward gear and am about to blow your minds:

Kill your own meat! Every Leave voting Brit should receive a invitation from a local farm and asked to come down and pick thier Christmas Dinner!

You can kill your turkey/sheep/goat in anyway you want and take it immediately home! It’ll be like it was during the war when you were expected to go out and empty the rabbit traps before breakfast. You couldn’t just walk over to the freezer and pull yourself out a hunk of cheese to eat for breakfast because we didn’t have them. Cheese or freezers. All meat was kept chilled outside in the massive snow drifts that were everywhere in the UK from 1945-1978.

I’m not saying we can all just waltz up to a farmer and demand to throttle the life out of the chickens. That would be silly. There will be a timetable for you to arrive so we don’t overwhelm the farm and I’m sure they’ll be some local totty about cheering you on. Cheering as you “Kill For Britain”


Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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