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Frosty Reception

There’s a famous quote that I’m often drawn to in times when fortitude and courage are required:

Onward rode the 300, onward toward victory, onward Dasher, Donna and Blitzen. ONWARDS!

The above quote is lifted directly from Nelsons speech about the Charge of the Light Brigade. 300 brave British lads rode into the jaws of the entire Australian army and rode out the other side with barely a scratch! The only comparable event in modern history is the Brexiteers heroic charge against Europe and its associated territories.

Lord Frost who has been gallantly leading the UKs diplomatic response to the EU has stepped down from his role. Normally I’d think that those cowards who resign from such a prominent role in the Brexit Wars should be shot for treason but not Frost.

His icy stare and cold conviction have sunk the EUs negotiation team, like the Hood did the Bismark, again and again. He has never wavered, never faulted, never not believed in the true nature of Brexit.

Of course its been spouted in the Left wing rags that because Brexit has claimed so many Brexit ministers that Brexit itself isn’t working. I haven’t read anything so absurd since my wife’s list of demands she wanted me to adhere to, to save the marriage.

Look I’m not having some trumped up 20 year old waving thier physiological degree in my face as they pretend to “counsel my marriage”. Did the brave boys who came back from D-day get counselling? Course not! The government KNEW they were a strong willed generation who would never bow down to the tyranny of therapy! They gave em a two Bob note and sent em to the pub to drink and suppress those glorious memories!

Now to suggest that Brexit may be impossible to deliver which is why the Ministers keep resigning is nothing but bunkum and I’ll tell you why. Since Boris Johnsons Brexit was finalised I haven’t seen one attempted German invasion, not one Spanish Armada or one sneaky French invite to another Waterloo rumble!

Check and mate I believe


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General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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