Knights Of The Shamed Table

Handing Gavin Williamson a Knighthood before giving one to Farage is nothing short of disgraceful and puts a brown stain right through the middle of the honours system.

To reward a cheap novelty act playing at being a parliamentarian rather than to one of the top three Britain’s of all time is akin to giving a Victoria Cross to Corbyn after he ran away from front line politics.

Williamson has the personality of a urinal cake and the intellect to match. A man who has proven time and again that he’d be out of his depth in the shallow end of the swimming pool. A piss covered jelly of a man who commands as much respect as a 17 year old student barmen at closing time. An elongated cataract spread across the baleful eye of British politics.

The ONLY thing preventing Putin paragliding into Portsmouth is the knowledge that Nigel has a system of coastal early warning systems. Nominally uses to watch for migrants they can be easily converted to watch for Russkis. Plonkers like Williamson are too busy touching themselves over fucking up kids education to realise there’s T-34s advancing down Picadilly! Too busy guffawing at his latest finger painting attempt at creating policy.

The gall of this horse faced failure to accept this honour is large enough to be seen from space. Knowing Nigel, as well as I do, he would probably turn down an honour. Knowing that the pride of a job well done was reward enough. Just to be able to look upon the rosie faced cheeks of good, honest, British children as they skip thier way to school is all the motivation heroes like Nigel need.

Bask in your fake glory Williamson, you Knight of the Realm, but know this: when it gets really dirty and Nigel is knee deep in dead Communists I hope you can bring yourself from behind a cushion and help out!

Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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