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Net Zero Interest

So the Lefts new jolly on the rocks with ice is “net zero” now I have no idea what this is but I know if bearded, cardigan wearing, bean eating, Socialists are for it. I’m against it.

There’s a distinct parallel to be drawn between the first time I heard about net zero and the Communist invasion of Ukraine. I’m not a man who indulges in conspiracy theories but it seems to me that Corbyns friends in the Red Terror are hell bent on pushing net zero onto the rest of the world!

Farage has, of course, been at the forefront of Britain’s war efforts in Ukraine rallying the troops at home and no doubt chomping at the bit to get at those Russkis. Some whining Liberals may point out that Farage has received substantial financial backing from Russian investors. So what if he praised Big Bad Vlad in the past? Putin understood the need for Brexit sensing that the bloated EU was weak and needed a good sorting out.

There’s complaints of Russian money flooding British politics. Has anyone checked under Starmer and Corbyns bunk bed mattress? On a serious note though I wrote to Nigel asking about the Russian influence on British politics and he responded with a cheery “not to worry”

You see British politicians who have received piles of Russian money were ahead of the game. If they didn’t take it then it would be used to fund the war efforts in Ukraine.

And for those naysayers who are clutching thier pearls ar the thought of Russia buying influence want to be very careful. If Labour ever get in we won’t just be awash with Russian money we’ll start putting them into government!

And don’t you Lefty ponces come at me with your stories about this Lebdev character our PM put into the house if Lords. Yes he’s the son of a KGB agent, yes Boris Johnson has partied at his house, yes he’s such an apparent security risk that MI6 told Boris not to put him in the House of Lords but bold Boris defied the negative ninnies again and forged his own path!


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General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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