You Cheap Lousy WOKE CULTURE

It’s Political correctness gone Corgi barking mad as the wokesters at the BBC make their first moves at banning Christmas in its entirety.

University graduates and bearded Lennin cheerleaders won’t be happy until we’re all making T-34 battle tanks on the production line instead of tucking into a turkey on Xmas day.

With the Orwellian banning of the Pogues majestic “Fairytale Of New York” the BBC might have well have shot Santa in the face. By removing the song from rotation they have spat on the graves of all those lads who came together on Xmas day 1914 and played football with the filthy Hun.

At this rate we’ll have the social justice police banging on our doors and telling us that our baubles offend the person who identifies as a helicopter over the road. I’ll only say this once: YOU CANNOT TAKE MY FREEDOM OR MY XMAS TREE

With the song banned my heart goes out to those of the greatest generation who have been waiting for this moment. The one time each year where their allowed to scream a homophobic slur at the top of their voices. But it’s not coming this year

Thanks for storming the Normandy beaches but YOU CAN’T SAY THAT

Thanks for liberating Europe but YOU CAN’T SAY THAT

And thanks for creating this great Island nation but YOU CAN’T SAY THAT

As usual the rest of us right thinking Brits and hard working families have to bow down to a army of woke nutters who are trying to erase us from history. Well not on my watch!

I’ve actually never listened to the song because I trust Irish sounding things but my point still stands

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General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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