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To The Lifeboats

Once again Thank you Farage for pointing out what every right thinking Brit is thinking. For too long we have laboured under the illusion that the British lifeboats were keeping our coastal waters safe but, alas, we were tricked

The shadowy figures who control the lifeboat purse strings have been revealed by Farage and like most rats they don’t like the lamp light of truth spraying across thier faces.

In a series of devastating truth bombs Farage has exposed the fact that the British lifeboat service is nothing more than a taxi company for illegal, labour voting, communist immigrants. We’re all aware that the forked tounge of Corbyn is behind most of the lies that protect the lifeboats and thier crews. This is fact. I’ve spoken to numerous sources who have confirmed this.

The lifeboat people have hidden behind thier “charity” status and pied the British public off with faked “rescues” all while bringing in the foot soldiers for Corbyns Red Brigade for years. But the tide is flowing in a different direction now.

No longer will we stand by and let this boat load of charlatans carry on hoodwinking us! We the silent majority will no longer be silent! I urge every able bodied man (who isn’t guarding a statue, at an anti mask protest, attending court for traffic offences) to blockade the lifeboats! No more cowering in our Anderson shelters hoping that the Luftwaffer will leave us alone. No! We must stand proudly, shoulder to shoulder ready to stem this army the slams against our shores!

To the lifeboats gentlemen!


Published by battlcomedy

General agitator. Probable traitor. Enjoys the finer things in life like Skol Super on a Sunday.

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